A Note from Vivien

Posted by Millwright on 11 May 2011 | 0 Comments

We received an email from Vivien of Far North Queensland that was such a pleasure to find in the inbox and read it had to be posted on the website.

I love old bikes and have one totally rusty like Victoria in my garden, it took me four and a half years to find it and suddenly at the tip there it was!  It took my breath away, there was Vaseline on the lens of my life and nothing existed at that moment except my rusting bike and as I stepped carefully over the rubbish to get to it, everything seemed in slow motion and I didn't touch the ground.  You see I do understand!

Vivien also said in another email;

I used to have a Victoria about 38 years ago when we lived in Devon UK, it was red and I had a big basket made by the Blind Society for the handlebars.  As I turned the pedals they sounded like an old Singer sewing machine and I could see over the hedges because I was so high up.  Happy memories!

Thanks for taking the time Vivien. A lovely read.

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