Boris, you weren’t what I expected when I first laid eyes on you. But you waited. We talked. We whispered. You listened. I learnt. We knew. And soon enough, we were dancing together through the spring of our youth. How often I surrender to the music of that spring and smile at the memory of the sun yearning to set in our horizon. Let us dance once again, Boris.

Boris found his way into Dylan's care after being spotted at Bowerbird. The two get acquainted below.


Boris has the following restored, recycled or reclaimed parts:

  1. Men's 23" light framed 10 speed frame and forks
  2. brakes
  3. head stem


Boris has the following new parts:

  1. 700 x 23c wheelset with flip flop hub {wheels, tyres & tubes}
  2. handlebar & grips
  3. saddle
  4. pedals
  5. chain
  6. headset
  7. bottom bracket
  8. crankset