You are my head in the clouds little one. We share our dreams, whispered quietly to the breeze as it takes our breath away, peddling towards our freedom. You are cumulus on earth, my Cloudy, your wheels gently humming quietly spoken words that encourage oft silenced aspirations. Let us go placidly, and we will be there anon.

Cloudy is now in a happy place with Leisha. The seemed to hit it off very well. (Image quality is the fault of the photographer. That being Millwright)


Where possible each bike created uses restored, recycled or reclaimed parts in a bid to minimise impact on the environment. In some cases certain parts are too far gone to revive both from wear and tear and economoically.

Cloudy has the following restored, recycled or reclaimed parts:

  1. Standish Tourer 12 speed frame and forks
  2. brakes
  3. crankset
  4. seat post
  5. head set
  6. bottom bracket

Cloudy has the following new parts:

  1. Zuzi white deep v  700 x 23c wheelset with flip flop hub {wheels, tyres & tubes}
  2. handlebar & grips
  3. white ladies quilted tourer saddle
  4. pedals
  5. chain
  6. mudguards