No-one knows your real name. You arrived one night, clouded in mystery and still, I never know where you will take me. It matters not, Squire. The journey with you and those we stop along the way, are the preface to a journey that knows no bounds and accepts no limits. Let us ride under the cover of your mysteries.

Squire has also found a home. On the back of being profiled in the design files {see here} Mark from Sydney saw Squire and bought him on the spot. Squire will travel. Thanks Mark. Love Mrs F.


Where possible each bike created uses restored, recycled or reclaimed parts in a bid to minimise impact on the environment. In some cases certain parts are too far gone to revive both from wear and tear and economoically.

Squire has the following restored, recycled or reclaimed parts:

  1. Malvern Star single speed vintage frame and forks
  2. handlebar
  3. head set

Squire has the following new parts:

  1. wheelset {wheels, tyres & tubes}
  2. handlebar & grips
  3. saddle
  4. pedals
  5. chain
  6. mudguards
  7. crankset
  8. seat post
  9. grip tape
  10. head stem


squire has the following accessories:

  1. new pump