Johann - $1200

Do you remember the times we shared tearing through urban landscapes? Leaping over kerbs and thrilling ourselves around sharp corners? There was feistiness in every thing we did, Johann. Invincible. Cool, hard, cold immortality. Just like the memories. Memories that would fire us along even on the coldest nights together.

Johann is one of the two bikes taken by the Koskela design store. So if you are keen to have this machine look to the loveliness that is Koskela. {website}


Johann has the following restored, recycled or reclaimed parts:

  1. men's 56cm Raleigh Frame and forks
  2. 27" rims
  3. handlebars
  4. head set
  5. head post
  6. seat post


Johann has the following new parts:

  1. crankset
  2. pedals
  3. grip tape
  4. 27 x 1.25" white walls and tubes
  5. flip flop rear & front hubs
  6. spokes