Paolo - $1150


When I see you, Paolo, I don’t think. I feel. I feel in every sense a brilliant fire that rages and courses through my very being. They are feelings that linger longer than burning embers in that fire; a fire that can only be quenched by you. With that fire, you brand me and those feelings will never belong to another.

{How do i buy Paolo?}


Paolo has the following restored, recycled or reclaimed parts:

  1. womens/mens 54cm Repco Prosport frame and forks
  2. rear brake caliper
  3. seat post
  4. handlebars
  5. headstem


Paolo has the following new parts:

  1. crankset
  2. pedals and toeclips
  3. grip tape - hand made lamb skin
  4. 700c wheelset,m tyes and tubes
  5. saddle
  6. chain
  7. brake handle


Paolo would suit a lady, smaller man or teenage lad at about 5" 9'.