Robyn Burne - $890

It was Chaucer who wrote that “Time and tide wait for no man”. Yet when we met, Robyn, I felt time stand still. Your every nuance burning indelibly into my memory.  Like children, we lived for now. Then around us, the seasons changed and those words rained down however this time, they were mine and I knew our time had passed; faded colours are all that was left of the vibrancy we shared.

{How do i buy Robyn Burne?}


Robyn Burne has the following restored, recycled or reclaimed parts:

  1. ladies Super Elliott frame and forks
  2. handlebars
  3. head set
  4. head post
  5. seat post
  6. mudguards
  7. chain guard


Robyn Burne has the following new parts:

  1. crankset
  2. pedals
  3. grip tape
  4. 700 x 25 white walls and tubes
  5. coaster rear hub & front hub
  6. spokes
  7. hand grips
  8. saddle