Victoria - $1450

Serenity, peace, presence and a certain grace that is synonymous with you, Victoria. I sit high, my head nods to those we pass by. We arrive and, so often, we are greeted with the regard that a queen deserves although sometimes, it is fun to play chambermaid.

Victoria is one of the two bikes taken by the Koskela design store. So if you are keen to have this machine look to the loveliness that is Koskela. {website}


Victoria has the following restored, recycled or reclaimed parts:

  1. Super Elliott women's frame
  2. Raleigh front forks
  3. seat post
  4. head set
  5. bottom bracket


Victoria has the following new parts:

  1. 27" wheels with flip flop hub and coaster brake {wheels, tyres & tubes}
  2. handlebar & grips
  3. saddle
  4. pedals
  5. chain
  6. crankset